Business Cycle or Economic Cycle

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Business cycle or economic cycle

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A well-written plagiarism free assignment submitted on time is what every aspiring student would want for in-order to score the best grade in business management education. Assignments play a key role in the business studies at the US universities as it elevates the understanding of concepts to a broad spectrum which is the result of lot of research from articles, market and industrial surveys, and business reports apart from course-material.

The study of Business Cycle or Economic Cycle involves understanding of various stages the companies have seen over the past years, understanding of business expansion or growth, the peak, the contraction or recession, trough or depression and recovery. It’s a cycle of the four phases, it is periodic; however, it is not predictability repetitive nor does it follow a definitive pattern. The business cycle is tracked by constant and diligent measurements and monitoring of the real GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is the most important tool and prominent identifier used to evaluate and judge any country’s economy, as a comparison to a prior timeline.

Analyzed and derived through three standard methods, namely, product, income or expenditure methods, the GDP finally provides the value of all goods and services over a specified period of time. The duration for each stage is business cycle has kept changing over years and it is very random. Due to this very reason, the term business cycle has become synonymous with business fluctuations as it actually refers to the fluctuation in economic activity analyzed over a period of time using business indicators or economic indicators.

Apart from real GDP, the other indicators used in the study of monitoring business cycle can be any economic statistic data point like unemployment rate, inflation rate, etc. The way the indicators affects or gives credibility to the measure of business cycle in fact, depends on the relation of the indicator to the business cycle or economic cycle, which could be pro-cyclic, counter-cyclic or acyclic. Apart from the 3 types of relation, another attribute of the indicator could be its timeliness and frequency, as they add more value by being sensitive to the volatile economy.

There have been various occurrences in our history about the fluctuations or cycles, with some geographic regions facing dramatic influences of extended depression.  A granular study of such historic instances and its comparison to present day markets would be very revealing and enable business students to perform such exercises in future. Also, reasoning into such scenarios of the economic history helps us to correlate the data from various business indicators in such a manner that the derived information can be used for judgments and prediction of company’s business trajectory.

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