Cell Phones

While the presence of cell phones has made our lives easier and brought everyone at just a click way, but does it disadvantages outweigh its benefits? Read on to find out.

Cell phones

Are you overusing your cell phone?

Technology has enabled to ease out a lot of human tasks making life easier than a few decades ago. It has made economies grow faster. With the advent of mobile phones, the world is simply becoming a smaller place to live in. We can talk and reach anyone at any part of the world who is just a chat or phone call away. It is a matter of seconds before we are able to connect to anyone millions of miles away from us. It has reached such an extent that today, none of us can imagine a life without these gadgets. They have become our life instead of part of our lives!

Today nearly 75% of world’s population has access to mobile phones. A recent study says that the number of mobile phones each person owns is now more than the overall population itself! That is, on a average, every 3rd or 4th person own more than one mobile phone!!

As much as they are making our lives easier there are also debates that mobile phones may be posing potential harm to our health.

Some of these potential dangers weird as they maybe are:

a)   Cell phone emits radiations that can be harmful – this has been an age old argument that has been going. There have been several discussions in the past about this, stating that mobile phones emit and use electromagnetic radiations that can pose threat to human health.

b)   Cell phones can reduce the sperm count – This debate started years ago when researchers in a Cleveland clinic claimed that men using mobile phones consistently, i.e. around more than 4 hours a day, can reduce their sperm count.

c)   The radiations can effect unborn children and pregnant women– Another similar study stated that pregnant women and very young children exposed to radiations from mobile phones can create behavioral disorders

d)   Cell phones can destroy your sense organs – Increased exposure to cell phones can affect your brain and eyeballs leading to eye sight problems eventually. They can also negatively impact your emotional health and cause chronic pains.

e)   Cell phones are highly contaminated and low on hygiene– Studies also found that cell phones are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can spread and cause diarrhea, urinary tract infection and even kidney failure.

f)   Cell phones may lead to cancer – Reseachers also state that the emissions from these radiations may also be carcinogenic, leading to different types of cancer.

g)   Poses a threat to skin – Mobile phones can also effect the protein expressions and can alter the protein in the human body leading to skin infections. People with very sensitive skin are susceptible to this.

h)   Alzeimer’s Disease – A new residential study claims that some of the emissions from mobile phones can affect the brain leading to Alzeimer’s disease at later stages in life

All of the above dangers have been debated several times in the past however there have been no strong bases that the above health conditions are caused only due to the increased use of mobile phones. However they may be adding to the human health hazards further.

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