Controversial Ad Campaign of Coke

Have you seen the new controversial ad campaign of Coke? Do you like the concept or would you rather wish the advertising agency and the organization get imprisoned for grossly misleading people? Controversial ad campaigns are a good topic for research papers. Read on to find out more about Coke’s new controversial ad campaign.

Controversial Ad Campaign of Coke

Are you taking Aspartame through Diet Coke?

Many food and beverage companies come under surveillance many times for doing something unusual which is sometimes not acceptable as per the society norms or propagating incorrect information that may be detrimental to people’s health or otherwise.

This time it’s the Coca-Cola Company trying to propagate its most popular beverage Coke. For the first time in 2013 they launched an ad defending the safety of artificial sweetener ‘aspartame’. They took this step in order to boost the sales of declining sale of diet soda in the recent past.

Artificial sweeteners safety has always been subject to a topic of controversy as there have umpteen debates weather sweeteners really have the effect of reducing the weight or keeping fit like they claim to be or is it the opposite. Besides this the product aspartame and the safety of this artificial sweetener is subject to several political and medical controversies in the past.

If your research paper topic is the Controversial Ad Campaign of Coke, read on to know the facts about this.

Aspartame more commonly known under the Nutrasweet brand name is an artificial sweetener used as a sugar substitute. Ever since its initial approval by the FDA in U.S., critics have countered saying that the research regarding its safety is inadequate and is flawed and several vital facts have been hidden. The US govt. accountability officials concluded that a proper research needs to be done on the product.

There have been several claims that aspartame is far from safe and it could even be harmful and cause serious health problems such as spasms, headaches, seizures, depression, anxiety, memory loss, birth defects etc.

However the ad launched by the company said that diet coke helps people to manage weight and stress and that there is scientific evidence that aspartame is a safe sweetener. They are actually trying to reassure people that diet coke is not harmful.

They took this step in order to improve the diminishing trend of these sugary beverages for a few years now. In fact the sales of these drinks in the US are falling faster than any other soda drinks. People are becoming more conscious about their weights and more people are turning towards more of natural and organic ingredients. Last year the sale of coke fell by 1% while diet coke fell by 3%.

Coke is trying to defend this launch stating that the FDA later have proved that aspartame is a safe sweetener and that it has no side effects. Even the American Cancer Society has stated that aspartame is not linked to increase risk of cancer.

Then earlier this month, the company distributed a fact sheet on aspartame and that it not harmful and is used on a host of other products such as gums, puddings and deserts.

Also Caren Seckler, the Vice President of social commitment at Coca-Cola said that the goal is to clear up the confusion surrounding diet sweeteners and that them as a company wouldn’t do anything that is detrimental to the masses, that they are launching anything new only to push up the sales and to be able to compete and stay up in the market like any other business does or works.

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