Effect of Exercise on Brain Development

Do you know the effect of exercise on brain development and growth? Did you, in fact, know that exercise has a very crucial role to play, not just in keeping your body healthy and fit, it also helps the brain grow!

Effect of Exercise on Brain Development

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Exercise has been an age old remedy for all sorts of health problems. It has been argued over and over again on umpteen occasions by many doctors, nutritionists, health freaks, dietitians and many more that as much as good and healthy food is important for the body, so is exercise for the body, mind, soul and brain!

Just having healthy food is not the only factor in keeping oneself fit and healthy, but exercise too is extremely vital. They go hand in hand and one is incomplete without the other. Even 10-15 minutes of physical exercise a day goes a long way in keeping us in good health and a lot of diseases at bay.

The effect of exercise on brain development and growth goes a long way. Some of the health benefits are:

–          Stimulate growth of muscles making them strong

–          Increases blood circulation

–          Improved oxygen and nutrient levels in the body

–          Maintains sugar levels

–          Balances cholesterol levels by reducing the LDL

–          Improves stamina and innumerable other benefits.

–          Increases metabolism and transports nutrients to your tissues.  

–          Immunity increases

Exercise is the single best thing that helps our brain with improving memory and moods, meaning keeping high spirits keeping us happier and smarter. It helps us being more agile and active through the day. It boosts your energy, delivers oxygen to your body. It counters stress and depression. It makes one look and feel younger.

These are apart from some of the prime reasons because of which everyone wants to exercise i.e. to lose weight!

All these factors are interconnected help in making our heart, lungs and brain work efficiently. If one works efficiently than the rest will be taken care of. There are reduced changes of getting a cardiac arrest, paralysis and a host of other diseases. Studies have stated that people who exercise regularly have 41% less chances of getting prone to sickness than others and if they are sick then they are more likely to get better with exercise than the others.  There is 35% lower risk of coronary heart diseases. Anything that is good for the heart is also good for the brain.

Many researches have stressed on the fact that the brain responses positively to physical activities. Due to better blood circulation, there is also better blood flow to the brain helping it work more effectively and efficiently making the heart and lungs function properly and therefore the rest of the body. Researchers have time and again stressed that it has been proven that exercise helps in brain development and growth. Some of these points are:

 –          Stimulates the growth of the nerve cells

–          Increases production of neurochemicals that helps in brain cell repair

–          Lengthen in attention span

–          Helps in improving memory

–          Boosts in decision making

–          Helps in growth of new cells and blood vessels

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