Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ever thought of presenting the concepts of Ethics and Social responsibility in marketing with a different touch? Read on to know more about how you can do this in an innovative manner, and how we can help you do so.

Marketing is one of the important business facets that any organization should never ignore in any way. As a matter of fact, marketing is the only road to success and improving the profitability for many organizations. Since marketing has a direct nexus to improving the bottom line, quite often this tool is excessively used thereby increasing the risk of misuse.

As a management student, choosing the topic of marketing ethics and social responsibility is a good decision as this topic would give you an opportunity to showcase your talent of coming up with unique aspects of the concepts in an attention grabbing way. If you are looking for any assistance on assignment writing, the vast experience gained by our assignment writers would definitely become your guiding force to achieve the desired results.

Marketing ethics are very important in day to day life as the only goal desired to be achieved should not be profit maximization of the product or service. The association should bring mutual benefit to the company as well as the customer. Quite a few times, to gain advantage or to assist the organization in  penetrating the market, the management uses cheap marketing stints promising to deliver many desired results with the use of its products, where in fact the product to the customer would be nowhere close to what has been promised. The usual practices followed are advertising huge discount sales, giving false publicity to the products, misleading labels etc.

Another unethical practice followed by sellers is the use of harmful or cheap products and selling the same without proper warnings. The importance of ethical marketing can be brought out in form an assignment incorporating all such unethical marketing practices followed by sellers of products and services. This would be of future use to you while designing marketing strategies for easy market capture when you take up a marketing career.

The social responsibility of marketing has been highlighted by many organizations in the form of customer oriented marketing practices, health oriented products and also by taking into account customer expectations and the interests of society too. Companies need to keep the changing consumer expectations in mind while deciding then marketing strategies they plan to implement.

Once you begin your career at a corporate, you will be taking up positions in top management of companies and will be expected to draft policies for the organization. An important policy would be on code of conduct and ethics policy in marketing to cover aspects like general ethics, advertisement standards, pricing, customer service etc. You can take help of our assignment writers in assignment writing for the topic, drafting ethics policy of a company etc.

The assignment can be made comprehensive by using examples of UK companies taking up social responsibilities in the past. It could be cases of donations made, how the company took utmost care in preserving the environment etc. Being management students with no time in hand, it would be extremely difficult for students to come up with interesting and latest case studies. Our assignment experts are available for prompt help at affordable rates. Visit to order your ethics and social responsibility essay now.

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