Financial Decisions

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Financial Decisions

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Financial decisions are one of the major subjects of study in business and financial education. One of the most critical functions of Financial Management is in-fact making the right Financial Decisions at the right time.

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Financial decision is a function which is performed by a finance manager. His role is to very critical to the business and he is responsible to make decisions on fund management in terms of the duration and bulk or quantity for which a firm or business should acquire funds and the other factors and channels associated with acquiring funds.

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The most important decision function of financial management is Investment decision which involves investment analysis and also using the right decision tools for the investment decisions. It also involves determining how much amount of assets a firm needs to hold such that capital investment and working capital investment decisions can be arrived upon.

Capital investment decisions are very significant and vital because it usually involves large amount of money like setting up expensive and optimized machinery that is foreseen to add value to existing processes. Capital structure which involves choosing the specific mix of debt and equity goes hand-in-hand with Capital budgeting which refers to planning and management of investment in terms of the quantum and timing of cash flows.

Working capital investment decisions of a business on the other hand refers to the day-to-day activity of managing operative liquidity or operating capital determined to be maintained over a short period of time.

The next financial decision is to determine the optimal mix of financing called as the financing decision. This decision is further to the analysis and thoughtful decisions done on which assets and securities to invest in. Capital or Borrowings are the main sources of finance. An important aspect of this decision making is to align the current financing decisions to match to the long-term strategies of financing mix.

Financial decision also involves the decisions taken to manage the overall assets of a business. Having acquired the required assets and finalized on the appropriate finances, it is also important to align the asset management decisions with strategic decisions. The main objective of this function is to check, track and maintain tangible and intangible assets.

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