Contrary to the common meaning of the word hack, a hackathon is not an event organized for hacking. It is in fact a planned collaboration where new programs and applications are developed.


New Ideas?

This term was first introduced by Apache software foundation that is an American non-profit corporation and an OpenBSD project. An OpenBSD is a version of BSD UNIX where a lot of security work is ported to other free operating systems which involves a lot of code reviewing.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the five co-founders of one of the most famous social networking site Facebook. He is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook Inc. Zuckerberg created history as he was named among the top 100 as the youngest, most influential and wealthiest people in the world since the year 2010. He is constantly under the limelight due to his many achievements.

He is all over the news again this time for spearheading a Hackathon, in November 2013 by his immigration political advocacy group Fwd.us. The team includes young undocumented immigrants and tech professionals, some of the biggest names in tech for immigration reform tools.

The team is going to be headed by famous mentors including LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston, Groupon founder Andrew Mason and Zuckerberg himself. The team will gather in LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View, California. The event will take place on the 20th and 21st Nov’ 13.

They plan to divide into various teams focusing on different coding solutions to resolve the existing political problems within the US. Each team will create a project or an application that will help supporters to share their stories, contact members of Congress etc. and promoting the event through social media.  The most innovative prototypes will be chosen and FWD.us will support them to launch their project.

The main aim of the hackathon is to reset the immigration reforms in the country and to address problems and issues in the immigration system. The team to come together to find solutions to the project and get it up and running. It mainly focuses on those who came to the US as minors and children often referred to as ‘DREAMers’ who are already making to the US economy and country. According to a survey nearly 11 million people are being treated unfairly.

According to sources, when Zuckerberg was interviewed a few months back, he told that he was inspired to start this group while working with a group of local kids. He asked one of his top aspiring entrepreneurs, what they thought about going to college. The reply appalled him when the student said he wasn’t sure about being able to go to college because he was undocumented. His family’s origin is Mexico but moved to US when he was a child. Many families are in such similar situation where they have been in US ever since they can remember. Zuckerberg thinks these kids are very hardworking and deserve a chance and should be a part of the future which triggered him to start this movement.

The team hope that the momentum coming from the Hackathon can help in improving technology and immigration reform forward.

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