Mark Dice

“I support murder and brutality by the Government. I support the Nazi rule”

A person advocating this should be in an asylum, and not roaming the streets freely, right? What if I told you this is what most Americans agreed to, when they signed a petition favoring the police state. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

Mark Dice

Did you sign it?

Mark Dice, a conspiracy theorist, got many people to sign a petition supporting a police state, and they did so, no questions asked.

Mark Dice is an author, political activist and media analyst who has authored a few books such as The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, and The Resistance Manifesto. He has produced various YouTube videos that have gone viral and have had several opinions and sparked thousands of people to react that made him eminent.

Recently, once again Dice created ripples across America by producing another video in which he conducted a satirical survey in San Diego, US. In this footage he conducted a mock survey convincing and getting people signing a petition supporting the ‘’Orwellian Police State’’.

Orwellain means a societal condition identified as being destructive to welfare of a free society. It depicts a leader or an organization that is controlling the society by misinformation, denial of truth and manipulation of the past. It is a ‘Nazi Style’ leadership. It is a state where the leader or the government controls the public with an ulterior motive which means more harm to them than their well-being.

Dice prepared his petition stating that the Police would like to implement the ‘Orwellian Police State’. He spoke to the public and explained about the ‘Orwellian State’ and if they are ready to support this cause and to sign this petition, if they accepted it. Watch the video here.

He convinced people giving them a number of motives behind the Orwellian Police state such as :

–      To make the society or community safer and more secure

–      Cutting the budget, in order to make a model police state for the public

In spite of directly and indirectly mentioning what the Orwellian Police state is and that it is like following the Nazi-style state, and what it would be like to follow that kind of police state people were willing to sign it!

Is this ignorance, or carelessness? Or is it blind faith in the american Government? Does this mean people are not bothered to know what exactly the petition represents before signing it? Or does it mean they don’t know what a police state is. It definitely is not a case of misleading because Dice repeatedly uses the words “Police State”, “Orwellian State” and the “Nazi Rule”. Either people don’t know what they are signing or they couldn’t care less. Or is there a possibility that Americans are ready to sign just about anything as long as it is in the name of supporting President Obama or the Government.

There have been several occasions where such fake surveys are conducted and people sign them willingly, include the petition to ban water (dihydrogen monooxide), granting Obama immunity for all crimes, adding birth control drugs to water supply, and signing the petition for “repeal of the Bill of Rights”.

These videos cause a stir among people leading them to take a reality check on themselves. For any assistance with research papers on this topic, or similar topics, visit us at

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