Mars One

Did the thought of registering to go to Mars in 2023 ever cross your mind? Or were you freaked out by the mere thought of going to Mars to never return again? And has all this hype made you wonder if Mars One is a reality or a hoax?

Mars one is a Dutch non-profit organization that intends to settle the Red planet using the existing technology and the technology available by 2023. The mother company of Interplanetary Media group, will help to secure its funds from its investors.

Mars One

The New Earth?

The team members include Bas Landsdrop Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer from The Netherlands, Arno Weilders co-founder and Chief Technical Officer from The Netherlands, Norbert Kraft, M.D. and Chief Medical Officer from USA, Suzzane Flinkenflogel, M.A., and Director of Communications from The Netherlands, Anne Boeschoten, BA Communication Specialist and Bryan Versteeg, Mission Concept Artist from Canada.

The team had been working on this secretly since Jan 2011. However it was not publicized until May 2012 after studying all the pros and cons, practicality, technological and financial aspects and other factors. and after being certain of its feasibility. In 2011 the team came together with the strategic plans for their dream project ‘Colonization in Mars’.

The Mars one project launched its Aaronaut selection program in press conferences in New York and Shanghai in April 2013.  More than 78000 applicants registered within 2 weeks of its launch from all over. The project will start with settling four people in Mars, and will add four more colonists every two years till they reach a total number of twenty. You can read more details about the project at their official website.

Mars One

Bas Ladsorp – the man behind the idea

However the project received mixed opinions from all over the World about its practicality and its success. Many people supported and yet there were many others opposing to this project. If Mars One project becomes successful, then the first footprints and the lives of the crew living there will captivate and inspire the generations to come making sky the limit for new discoveries an new means of living. The project looks into the aspect of the expansion and practicality of life on planets other than Earth and its repercussions. They claim to the change of crew members every two years once the settlement starts in 2023.

However according to many it’s a highly impractical journey or a one way ticket with no return. As much as enthusiasts are funding the mission today, it will soon die down at some point or the other and reality will take over the fantasy. It is practically impossible to fund new members repeatedly for some far away space travel millions of miles away. This requires huge resources, not only for their travel there but for their survival as well. In addition, a major concern is the strong interplanetary radiation that the colonists will get exposed to. The Mars One proposal does not talk about any protection against such a serious issue.

The psychological pressure the colonists will face is an added disadvantage. Applicants might later back out due to the fear of the unknown. They is not certainty if they will survive or not, and even if they do, they will never get to come back to their families.

The disbelievers say the project is a hoax and a commercial fraud as the project cannot ve implemented successfully due to the above factors. As much as the Mars One project is an innovative one, it only states that there is nothing impossible. Dream big, failure and success are two sides of the same coin. If successful, it will be inspiring for generations to come and if the project fails, it shows us how we can improve.

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