New Abortion Law in Texas

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New Abortion Law in Texas

Is the New Abortion Law A Right Move?

In the last week of October 2013, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that most of Texas’ tough new abortion restrictions can take effect immediately. The law known as House Bill 2   consists of four restrictions namely:

–          How, where and when a woman may obtain an abortion.

–          Doctors performing the same should have admitting privileges at the hospital within 30 mins of the clinic.

–          Abortion will be banned after 20 weeks unless the woman is in immediate danger or if they is any other fatal complication.

–           If a woman wants to take a pill to terminate her foetus,

she may do so in the presence of the doctor at a certified abortion clinic

–          Beginning 1st Sept. 2014, all abortions must take place in a facility or a certified clinic that meet the infrastructure and requirements for an ambulatory surgical center.

On an average, Texas women undergo about 80,000 abortions in a year! The effect of the above law would be that most of the clinics offering such services may no longer be able to do so, unless they meet the above requirements. This means nearly 60% of the clinics would be shut down.

The new Abortion Law in Texas will change quite a few things about the way things have been so far. This is a good research paper topic for students who would like to write on a latest trend or development.

After the law is implemented, there will be at the most only 20 clinics in the state with the infrastructure and ambulatory surgical facilities to cater to a state of about 26 million people. Moreover all of these 20 will be in metropolitan areas further restricting it to the minority of the crowd living outside the city limits. Currently most of the doctors do not meet the requirements and do not qualify and only six out of 32 clinics qualify as ambulatory surgical centers.

A panel of judges at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans said that the law can take effect immediately.  While all this taking place there is another lawsuit challenging the restrictions. The District Judge Lee Yeakel said that this new law serves no medical purpose and would only deny women to their right to abortion.

A member of the Planned Parenthood said that this restriction only violates women of their constitutional rights. There are lots of oppositions for this decision and yet there are many others who are supporting the same.

The argument continues. The litigation director at the centre of reproductive rights voiced that they hope that the courts final decision should be in the interest of the women in general rather than some ulterior motive behind the same.

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