Cell Phones

While the presence of cell phones has made our lives easier and brought everyone at just a click way, but does it disadvantages outweigh its benefits? Read on to find out.

Cell phones

Are you overusing your cell phone?

Technology has enabled to ease out a lot of human tasks making life easier than a few decades ago. It has made economies grow faster. With the advent of mobile phones, the world is simply becoming a smaller place to live in. We can talk and reach anyone at any part of the world who is just a chat or phone call away. It is a matter of seconds before we are able to connect to anyone millions of miles away from us. It has reached such an extent that today, none of us can imagine a life without these gadgets. They have become our life instead of part of our lives!

Today nearly 75% of world’s population has access to mobile phones. A recent study says that the number of mobile phones each person owns is now more than the overall population itself! That is, on a average, Continue reading

St Judes Hurricane

St. Jude’s Hurricane Hits UK Hard, but was the city prepared?

Britain braced as the St Judes hurricane threatened to hit her hard as per forecasts from the Meteorologists, that came in a few days before the hurricane destruction. The hurricane was expected to be severe and the strongest in decades. The earlier reported hurricane was in the year 1987 killing almost 18 people and felled nearly 15 million trees.

St. Jude's Hurricane

The fiery one!

The St Judes hurricane also known as Cyclone Christian was in excess of 90 mph wind speed following heavy rains Monday, 28 October 2013, during the rush hour, disrupting routine effecting the tube and the city. The European windstorm hit Northwestern Europe on the 27th and 28th of October. This was the strongest wind recorded in the country’s history. And the meteorological department have also forecast it to occur the following week on Monday especially in the routes of North London and the Central region.

The Prime Minister David Cameron called for a meeting with the Environment Agency and the Government departments on Sunday, 27 October, to discuss the plan of action to be taken to safeguard the citizens.

The Met office has also warned that there could be potential disruption to transport and power supplies. Following are Continue reading

National Security Agency

Was it a right move by Amercia’s National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande?

Angela Merkel is a German politician and a former research scientist. She has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She is also the leader of the Christian Democratic Union since the year 2000. She is one of the most powerful lady in Germany today. Francois Hollande is a French Politian who is the President of France and also the Co-prince of Andorra.

National Security Agency

Is spying by NSA ethical?

Both France and Germany demand an explanation from America for spying on Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande by America’s National Security Agency (NSA), the country’s most powerful and largest US Intelligence Organization. It works under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defence and Director of National Intelligence.

The country’s most shocking revelations about spying on the German Chancellor on calls made to the members of the French administration created furore not just among Germany and France, but across the whole world; and they are demanding an explanation from the US over the issue accusing the NSA of breaching the code of conduct.

The classified revelation was done by a former CIA contractor Edward Snowden. The NSA Director, James Clapper defended the NSA stating that it is their job and responsibility to keep a tab on their intentions. Continue reading

Mars One

Did the thought of registering to go to Mars in 2023 ever cross your mind? Or were you freaked out by the mere thought of going to Mars to never return again? And has all this hype made you wonder if Mars One is a reality or a hoax?

Mars one is a Dutch non-profit organization that intends to settle the Red planet using the existing technology and the technology available by 2023. The mother company of Interplanetary Media group, will help to secure its funds from its investors.

Mars One

The New Earth?

The team members include Bas Landsdrop Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer from The Netherlands, Arno Weilders co-founder and Chief Technical Officer from The Netherlands, Norbert Kraft, M.D. and Chief Medical Officer from USA, Suzzane Flinkenflogel, M.A., and Director of Communications from The Netherlands, Anne Boeschoten, BA Communication Specialist and Bryan Versteeg, Mission Concept Artist from Canada.

The team had been working on this secretly since Jan 2011. However Continue reading


Contrary to the common meaning of the word hack, a hackathon is not an event organized for hacking. It is in fact a planned collaboration where new programs and applications are developed.


New Ideas?

This term was first introduced by Apache software foundation that is an American non-profit corporation and an OpenBSD project. An OpenBSD is a version of BSD UNIX where a lot of security work is ported to other free operating systems which involves a lot of code reviewing.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the five co-founders of one of the most famous social networking site Facebook. He is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook Inc. Zuckerberg created history as he was named among the top 100 as the youngest, most influential and wealthiest people in the world since the year 2010. He is constantly under the limelight due to his many achievements.

He is all over the news again this time for spearheading a Hackathon, in November 2013 by his immigration political advocacy group Fwd.us. The team includes Continue reading

Mark Dice

“I support murder and brutality by the Government. I support the Nazi rule”

A person advocating this should be in an asylum, and not roaming the streets freely, right? What if I told you this is what most Americans agreed to, when they signed a petition favoring the police state. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

Mark Dice

Did you sign it?

Mark Dice, a conspiracy theorist, got many people to sign a petition supporting a police state, and they did so, no questions asked.

Mark Dice is an author, political activist and media analyst who has authored a few books such as The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, and The Resistance Manifesto. He has produced various YouTube videos that have gone viral and have had several opinions and sparked thousands of people to react that made him eminent.

Recently, once again Dice created ripples across America by producing another video in which he conducted a satirical survey in San Diego, US. In this footage he conducted a mock survey convincing and getting people signing a petition supporting the ‘’Orwellian Police State’’. Continue reading

Why The Republicans Love ObamaCare

“My head is spinning hearing the new issues crop up with ObamaCare everyday. Will they cover my dizziness?”

The superstitious might call it a jinx and a website programmer might dismiss it as a routine connectivity issue, but the fact is that the ObamaCare website seems to be keeping the Republicans on their toes everyday (not that they would complain), giving them opportunities to point their fingers at The President and the ‘staggering incompetence” of the website, as they say.

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues 


Will The Ride End Peacefully?

In another unfortunate turn of events, the website’s data center had to shut down due to connectivity issues. The role of the data center was to verify the personal details of the applicants and this failed. Though the accountability of this specific function lay with Terremark, Verizone and they are working to fix it at the earliest, this is perceived as yet another incompetence of the government.

How to all started:

The Health Care reforms in the US have had a long history. There have been several Health Care reforms in the US that have been proposed in the past, however very few have been accomplished. And even if accomplished, they have either not had far reaching benefits or have been only partially beneficial. However,in 2010, a transformation in the US Health Care took place when the Obama Health Care Plan Act was signed. This Act was presented as the new Health Care Bill and is officially known as ‘The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010’ (PPACA) also known as ‘ObamaCare’. This bill was signed by President Barack Obama to reform the healthcare industry on 23rd March’ 2010. The bill had far reaching effects.

And this is what The President wished for:

The primary aim of the bill was to transform the Health Industry in the US so that citizens would benefit hugely. Its goal was to reduce any unnecessary spends on health care. President Obama wanted health care to be affordable for everyone. Before the Obama Health Care Plan was launched, many middle and low income groups in America had little access to healthcare for themselves and their families due to their inability to afford it


The hopes of many!

The main goal of this plan was to be able to reach the majority of the population. It aimed to benefit millions of Americans so they could afford a higher quality of life despite their low incomes. The aim was to have insurance for everyone, irrespective of their incomes. The bill was enacted to grant more rights to people who had hitherto struggled with health insurances. This health care reform has changed the way health care and insurance work.

With more opportunity comes more opportunists-The Republicans have their say

The love-hate relation between the Republicans and Obama (Care) does not seem to be ending and is going stronger by the day! Continue reading

Management Fundamentals

Do you wish to develop your skills in management fundamentals? The below article will help you know what needs to be done.

Management fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Management

Management is a multifaceted process involving activities like planning, organizing, staffing, deciding, and controlling. Planning is the process of setting up organizational objectives, defining policies to achieve them and allocating resources to accomplish the goals. The controlling function helps in planning and coordination and finds reasons for deviation of actual performance from plans and takes corrective measures to make certain organizational progress.

Staffing function involves manpower scheduling, employment, training and development, performance evaluation and compensation.

Organizing process involves bringing together the existing creative, material and financial assets to achieve the objectives set in planning phase. Organizing would need delegation and decentralization of power.

Directing function requires Continue reading

Business Management

Business management refers to the activities related to running a company namely planning, organizing, controlling, staffing and leading. An assignment on this topic needs to cover all the business activities and their relation to each other. Planning all business activities is the primary task to ensure right decisions and it needs to be done continuously and systematically. The planning process involves the setting up organizational goals, defining strategies to meet them and allocating resources to attain the goals.

Business management

The various aspects of business management

Organizing involves bringing together all the available human, material and financial resources to achieve the goals set for the organization. This involves delegation and decentralization of authority. The controlling function fulfills the purposes of helping in planning and facilitating coordination. It involves comparison of actual performance against plans to identify reasons for deviation and take corrective action to ensure progress of the organization. Staffing function pertains to Continue reading


Do you know, while you are reading this, your teenage child or teenage friend could be being subject to cyberbullying elsewhere and is contemplating suicide?

Gone are the days when bullying only meant a physically larger person attacking someone by force. Today, your child or friend sitting alone in the comfort of his own room and surfing the internet, is no indicator of his safety as he can be bullied through cellphones and computers.


Is your child / friend being cyberbullied?

In a survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Health and Human Services, Cyberbullying Research Center, in May 2013, it was found that a whopping 53% of teens experience some form of cyberbullying, and 52% of them do not tell their parents about it. About 33% of teenagers in the US have been victims of cyberthreats, but only 7% of US parents worry about it.

Who is responsible for this? Should parents be criminally liable for cyberbullying of kids? Continue reading