Are Smartwatches Really Smart?


Do you own one?

Technology today is growing at a fast pace and there is no looking back. Life is a lot easier now and we cannot even begin to contemplate life without these devices we are living with now.  Our next generation will be amazed that there was a ‘Stone Age’ where people did not have access to mobile phones!

However that is not all. Newer, better and more tech savvy gizmos are launched in the market all over the world every few days, taking us one step above. Right when we begin to think that we have the ‘latest, newest’ gadget, something new gets launched which has much better features than its earlier version, be it mobile phones, computers, laptops etc.

Technology has taken the most used gadget, the cell phone, a step further with the introduction of ‘Smart’ watches.

So what are smartwatches? They are computerized wrist watches that have functions beyond just timekeeping and often have features of a personal digital assistant, better known as PDA. They claim to be able to run mobile apps while some others run mobile operating system and some even have mobile phone capability where phone calls can be made and received.

Unfortunately, although they claim to have many features, at times they can get a little cumbersome, as the features are not as user friendly. Moreover, they cannot be used independently. making it necessary to pair it with a phone. Not so “smart” after all!

Using all these features such as checking mails, checking the weather, missed calls, appointments etc. and browsing all this and more with just one hand can be quiet a discomfort. To add to this is the small screen where sometimes the resolution may not be good. Besides, due to these numerous features they end up using a lot of battery too.

Some most popular brands of Smart watches:

a)   The Pebble – This is unanimously everyone’s’ favorite. This is the company that single-handedly ignited the trend for smartwatches in the market with a range of features in their watches.

However the problem here is that they have a complete lack of useful software. The strength of any of these devices lies in its technical specs and some of the forthcoming software is unavailable in this one making it unpopular.

b)   Martian – These smartwatches are designed as an extension of a smartphone featuring camera control, messaging, hands free voice commands and more. These features, plus the aristocratic styling, makes it popular among people.

c)   I’m watch – One of the most modern looking watches standing out with its looks flaunting its Italian make is what makes this brand widespread. It has great specs and is sturdy. However, the problem with these watches again is that the software is weak and not the updates are not regular. If these updates are released on time, these can easily take the position of the market leaders in smartwatches, owing to their other aspects.

d)   Sony – This is a recent launch in the market, after they had launched the Sony smartwatch 1. However they have all the current features of the smartwatch technology giving a tough competition to the rest. The drawback here is that these are only compatible with Android phones, due to which its gets beaten in the competition.

e)   ConnectDevice Cookoo – True to its name, it is a simple smartwatch with just a few albeit useful features. It is well designed and well constructed but takes a backseat again due to a poor software.

f)   Galaxy Gear – This one is developed by the world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung. They have a lot of clever features such as viewing messages just by picking up your handset, auto lock, switching services etc. However, the disadvantage is the plain appearance and its incompatibility with other smartphones.

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