St Judes Hurricane

St. Jude’s Hurricane Hits UK Hard, but was the city prepared?

Britain braced as the St Judes hurricane threatened to hit her hard as per forecasts from the Meteorologists, that came in a few days before the hurricane destruction. The hurricane was expected to be severe and the strongest in decades. The earlier reported hurricane was in the year 1987 killing almost 18 people and felled nearly 15 million trees.

St. Jude's Hurricane

The fiery one!

The St Judes hurricane also known as Cyclone Christian was in excess of 90 mph wind speed following heavy rains Monday, 28 October 2013, during the rush hour, disrupting routine effecting the tube and the city. The European windstorm hit Northwestern Europe on the 27th and 28th of October. This was the strongest wind recorded in the country’s history. And the meteorological department have also forecast it to occur the following week on Monday especially in the routes of North London and the Central region.

The Prime Minister David Cameron called for a meeting with the Environment Agency and the Government departments on Sunday, 27 October, to discuss the plan of action to be taken to safeguard the citizens.

The Met office has also warned that there could be potential disruption to transport and power supplies. Following are Continue reading