Contrary to the common meaning of the word hack, a hackathon is not an event organized for hacking. It is in fact a planned collaboration where new programs and applications are developed.


New Ideas?

This term was first introduced by Apache software foundation that is an American non-profit corporation and an OpenBSD project. An OpenBSD is a version of BSD UNIX where a lot of security work is ported to other free operating systems which involves a lot of code reviewing.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the five co-founders of one of the most famous social networking site Facebook. He is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook Inc. Zuckerberg created history as he was named among the top 100 as the youngest, most influential and wealthiest people in the world since the year 2010. He is constantly under the limelight due to his many achievements.

He is all over the news again this time for spearheading a Hackathon, in November 2013 by his immigration political advocacy group Fwd.us. The team includes Continue reading