Cell Phones

While the presence of cell phones has made our lives easier and brought everyone at just a click way, but does it disadvantages outweigh its benefits? Read on to find out.

Cell phones

Are you overusing your cell phone?

Technology has enabled to ease out a lot of human tasks making life easier than a few decades ago. It has made economies grow faster. With the advent of mobile phones, the world is simply becoming a smaller place to live in. We can talk and reach anyone at any part of the world who is just a chat or phone call away. It is a matter of seconds before we are able to connect to anyone millions of miles away from us. It has reached such an extent that today, none of us can imagine a life without these gadgets. They have become our life instead of part of our lives!

Today nearly 75% of world’s population has access to mobile phones. A recent study says that the number of mobile phones each person owns is now more than the overall population itself! That is, on a average, Continue reading