Mars One

Did the thought of registering to go to Mars in 2023 ever cross your mind? Or were you freaked out by the mere thought of going to Mars to never return again? And has all this hype made you wonder if Mars One is a reality or a hoax?

Mars one is a Dutch non-profit organization that intends to settle the Red planet using the existing technology and the technology available by 2023. The mother company of Interplanetary Media group, will help to secure its funds from its investors.

Mars One

The New Earth?

The team members include Bas Landsdrop Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer from The Netherlands, Arno Weilders co-founder and Chief Technical Officer from The Netherlands, Norbert Kraft, M.D. and Chief Medical Officer from USA, Suzzane Flinkenflogel, M.A., and Director of Communications from The Netherlands, Anne Boeschoten, BA Communication Specialist and Bryan Versteeg, Mission Concept Artist from Canada.

The team had been working on this secretly since Jan 2011. However Continue reading