Mark Dice

“I support murder and brutality by the Government. I support the Nazi rule”

A person advocating this should be in an asylum, and not roaming the streets freely, right? What if I told you this is what most Americans agreed to, when they signed a petition favoring the police state. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

Mark Dice

Did you sign it?

Mark Dice, a conspiracy theorist, got many people to sign a petition supporting a police state, and they did so, no questions asked.

Mark Dice is an author, political activist and media analyst who has authored a few books such as The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, and The Resistance Manifesto. He has produced various YouTube videos that have gone viral and have had several opinions and sparked thousands of people to react that made him eminent.

Recently, once again Dice created ripples across America by producing another video in which he conducted a satirical survey in San Diego, US. In this footage he conducted a mock survey convincing and getting people signing a petition supporting the ‘’Orwellian Police State’’. Continue reading