Why the Job of a Teacher is Tough

Teaching is one of the most under-rated jobs today. Most people think it is one of the easiest jobs and does not require much ‘effort’ to be done. However, that is far from the truth. Read on to know why the job of a teacher is tough.

Why the Job of a Teacher is Tough

Are you making your teacher’s life tougher?

It feels really sorry that many people think that a teachers job is such!  Superficially people think that if you are a teacher then you are lucky as you don’t have to work full time, get time with your family, more holidays etc. But the reality is far from that.

Yes, there are many teachers and professors out there who may not be dedicated to their works, not teaching their curriculum properly the way it should be done etc. thus creating an image for the entire clan. However every profession have such people who spoil the name of their profession by not worshiping their work.

Teaching is a profession that molds today’s children into better youths and citizens that will run the future generations. A good value education will create future youths that will run the nation and the country into better tomorrow. How important do you think that is? It is one of the noblest jobs if done with complete dedication.

However there is much more to it than just all those philosophical reasons. A mere outstanding academic record is not enough to be a good teacher. There are Continue reading