Why The Republicans Love ObamaCare

“My head is spinning hearing the new issues crop up with ObamaCare everyday. Will they cover my dizziness?”

The superstitious might call it a jinx and a website programmer might dismiss it as a routine connectivity issue, but the fact is that the ObamaCare website seems to be keeping the Republicans on their toes everyday (not that they would complain), giving them opportunities to point their fingers at The President and the ‘staggering incompetence” of the website, as they say.

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues 


Will The Ride End Peacefully?

In another unfortunate turn of events, the website’s data center had to shut down due to connectivity issues. The role of the data center was to verify the personal details of the applicants and this failed. Though the accountability of this specific function lay with Terremark, Verizone and they are working to fix it at the earliest, this is perceived as yet another incompetence of the government.

How to all started:

The Health Care reforms in the US have had a long history. There have been several Health Care reforms in the US that have been proposed in the past, however very few have been accomplished. And even if accomplished, they have either not had far reaching benefits or have been only partially beneficial. However,in 2010, a transformation in the US Health Care took place when the Obama Health Care Plan Act was signed. This Act was presented as the new Health Care Bill and is officially known as ‘The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010’ (PPACA) also known as ‘ObamaCare’. This bill was signed by President Barack Obama to reform the healthcare industry on 23rd March’ 2010. The bill had far reaching effects.

And this is what The President wished for:

The primary aim of the bill was to transform the Health Industry in the US so that citizens would benefit hugely. Its goal was to reduce any unnecessary spends on health care. President Obama wanted health care to be affordable for everyone. Before the Obama Health Care Plan was launched, many middle and low income groups in America had little access to healthcare for themselves and their families due to their inability to afford it


The hopes of many!

The main goal of this plan was to be able to reach the majority of the population. It aimed to benefit millions of Americans so they could afford a higher quality of life despite their low incomes. The aim was to have insurance for everyone, irrespective of their incomes. The bill was enacted to grant more rights to people who had hitherto struggled with health insurances. This health care reform has changed the way health care and insurance work.

With more opportunity comes more opportunists-The Republicans have their say

The love-hate relation between the Republicans and Obama (Care) does not seem to be ending and is going stronger by the day! Continue reading