Get a job in the US after graduation

Maximize your chances to get a job in the US after graduation

Get a job in the US after graduation

Do you know what you have to do after your graduation?

If you are a student, especially an international student, the thought “What are my prospects after I graduate?” or “Now that I have graduated, can I stay back and look for a good job here?” would have crossed your mind many a times.

Read on to know more.

Future prospects for international students in US are getting more difficult off late. Since more number of students are seeking jobs in the US after their graduation, the competition is increasing, as a result of which getting permanent visa, work permit or becoming a Green card holder in US is much more difficult and complicated than before.

According to a survey nearly 80% of international students in the US Continue reading

How US Universities Screen Applications

What do US universities look for in students while screening applications?

How US Universities Screen Applications

Do You Know What Will They Look For in You?

Are you planning to apply to a US university? It will help you know a few facts about what they exactly look for in an application. Here is a short article on how US universities screen applications.

There always have been various opinions on what exactly universities look in students while they are screening applications. It’s a question of great debate. Many opine that most universities look for grades which sometimes seem unfair. However, this trend is now slowly changing. Many universities are now looking  Continue reading

International Students in US Colleges

What should an international student look for when selecting a US university or college?

International Students in US Colleges

Need help in selecting a US university?

There are many international students in US colleges and universities today; and many more aspire to join one.

This article provides some guidance on what an international student must look for while selecting a US university or college.

Going to a foreign land from away from home is not an easy task. Deciding to study abroad itself is an important decision, hence choosing the right university Continue reading

Highest Paying Jobs in the US

What are the five highest paying jobs in the US?

Highest Paying Jobs in the US

Who wouldn’t like a well paying job?

Salaries are one of the most important factors in deciding an entity’s career, his/her standard of living, overall aim of life and sometimes even where to live.

Although education plays a very important role in deciding one’s employment and overall career, but it is not the sole factor. For some high flying jobs a professional degree is not a must.

A study conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), from found some of the highest paying jobs in U.S. based on a number of factors. Amongst the top 10 highest paying jobs 80% is medical related.

Here is the list of top five Continue reading

Common Interview Mistakes

What are the ten most common mistakes made by students in their interviews?

common interview mistakes

Are You Making These Lethal Mistakes?

Preparing for an interview has always been daunting for most of us. Too much trepidation, fear and don’t know what to expect. As much as resumes are important while applying for a job, nothing can really beat judging a person face-to-face.

That is what creates a lasting impression, good or bad. There are many factors to that, however almost a whopping 65% of an impression can be created during the first meet! Hence it is mist vital to be prepared for that D-day to get your dream job, something that most of us aspire for at someday in our lives.

Yet most of us miss some of those vital points to prepare for an interview. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during interviews according to a survey conducted on the employers of some prominent companies: Continue reading

Repay Student Loans

What are the ten easy way to repay student loans?

Repay Student Loans

Have You Planned Your Loan Repayment?

Paying off student loans is always difficult. However one should be judicious in making the right choice of repayment and try to finish paying off as soon as possible, else possibility being you might end up paying higher and unable to save for your retirement years.

Here are some easy ways to repay your loans:

a)      Step-up repayment facility (SURF) – Repayment directly associated with increase in income annually, helping you save on your interest amount and not taking too much burden.

b)      Flexible installment plan or Step-down repayment facilityContinue reading

Best Student Part-Time Jobs

What are some of the best student part-time jobs?

Best Student Part-Time Jobs

Have you got a good part-time job?

When you are in college, time is very precious as there are loads to study, project work, assessments etc. However when you have to you are on your own and have to take care of your expenses, hostel costs, etc. it can be quiet daunting. Working part-time is the best option, that can off-set your expenses while getting time for studying too. So what are some of the best student part-time jobs?

Also in the US, if you are on a student visa, then you have restrictions such as not working more than 20 hours a week or restricted off campus jobs etc.

Working within the campus premises can be one of the best options. It will not only save time commuting, but also help in getting familiar with your college/university, professors, getting acquainted with your campus resources etc.

So what are some of the best student part-time jobs? Continue reading

Employment Non-Discrimination Act

US Senate approves Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Do you support the ENDA?

For the first time in the history, the U.S. Senate has approved a landmark bill on the 7th of Nov’ 13 – the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), that would ban discrimination against the homosexual community including the lesbian, gay and transgender community at workplaces.

The federal lawmakers for the first time have taken the initiative to support the homosexual rights. This initiative came after the revoking the military’s ban on gay men and women in 2010.

The final vote was 64-32 passing the ENDA act to the House of Representatives. Fifty four Senate democrats, 10 republicans and there were surprise ‘’aye’’ votes by John McCain and Jeff Flake, Continue reading

Amazing Natural Lakes

Nature is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of God and some natural water bodies leave us breathless. Here are some amazing natural lakes around the world.


This is a hot geyser located in the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It gets its name due to its resemblance to the Morning Glory flower. The temperature here can go up to 171 degree Fahrenheit and its gets color from its thermophilic bacteria.


Five Flower Lake (also known as Wuhua Lake) is loactred in the Jiuzhaigou Valley in China. It gets its vibrant colors from its colorful leaves.

It is surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers and hills that enhance its beauty.


Yucutan Cave Lake, Yucutan Peninsula, Mexico has a story to it.

This 2 million year old lake is not just picturesque but is considered holy and forbidden by residents of the place.

Its beauty is enhanced by frozen fountains and underground spaces. Continue reading


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Are you a Capable Leader/

Leadership is the potential to influence other’s behavior. According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically”.

A leader is the one who takes care of discipline, delegation of work, coordination. He also looks after motivation and performance assessment towards organizational objective. A leader’s prime job is to define organizational vision and translate the same into reality.

Prominent leadership concepts under fundamentals of management are Qualities of a Leader, Leadership and Management, Leadership and Motivation, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Continue reading