Best Student Part-Time Jobs

What are some of the best student part-time jobs?

Best Student Part-Time Jobs

Have you got a good part-time job?

When you are in college, time is very precious as there are loads to study, project work, assessments etc. However when you have to you are on your own and have to take care of your expenses, hostel costs, etc. it can be quiet daunting. Working part-time is the best option, that can off-set your expenses while getting time for studying too. So what are some of the best student part-time jobs?

Also in the US, if you are on a student visa, then you have restrictions such as not working more than 20 hours a week or restricted off campus jobs etc.

Working within the campus premises can be one of the best options. It will not only save time commuting, but also help in getting familiar with your college/university, professors, getting acquainted with your campus resources etc.

So what are some of the best student part-time jobs?

Here are some options for Students to work part-time while studying.

a)      Library Monitor or a librarian assistant – supervision of study spaces, helping the main librarian with his administrative work, keeping records of the books, log books etc. If this is not available then working at the print centre or reception can be a good option. Working at the library can be one of the best, because not only will it keep students busy but also help them to catch up a little bit on reading while not so busy hours. So you can actually work and study!

b)      Teaching assisting – Their jobs will be to assist the professors like handing out assignments and proctoring tests, supervising during exams etc.

c)      Grader – Helping professors in their assessments of papers, grading for them, etc.

d)     Tutor – If you like teaching and are good at a subject, then this can be a good option. University research centre may have tutoring positions for students to help other students if they are good at it. They have the flexibility to pick up their working hours and help other students.

e)      Academic department assistant – There are various departments in your University premises where you can be an assistant. It is also a good chance to connect with your professors.

f)       Technical assistance or support – Are you a computer savvy? Then this is your option. Helping in repairing and rectifying computers, laptops or any gadgets for that matter in college.

g)       Campus Administration – University and Colleges have loads of administrative work and departments handling heaps of administration work such as career services, health services, Dean’s office, reception etc.

h)      Fitness center employees – If you are a gym freak then this could keep you going. Working at the college fitness center is a good option. They will have various options from janitors to work out rooms, administration to maintenance of the equipment’s etc.

There are many other options such as College book store, Baby sitter, working in departmental stores, charity or voluntary organizations, College tour guide, Study participant, cafeteria, Vehicle cleaning, house cleaning, newspaper delivery, courier services, e-bill services etc.

All these jobs are apt for students. They may choose that may best suit or interest them. Besides all these part-time jobs have flexibility while they can work, take care of their expenses while being able to study too, helping them in being independent.

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