Common Interview Mistakes

What are the ten most common mistakes made by students in their interviews?

common interview mistakes

Are You Making These Lethal Mistakes?

Preparing for an interview has always been daunting for most of us. Too much trepidation, fear and don’t know what to expect. As much as resumes are important while applying for a job, nothing can really beat judging a person face-to-face.

That is what creates a lasting impression, good or bad. There are many factors to that, however almost a whopping 65% of an impression can be created during the first meet! Hence it is mist vital to be prepared for that D-day to get your dream job, something that most of us aspire for at someday in our lives.

Yet most of us miss some of those vital points to prepare for an interview. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during interviews according to a survey conducted on the employers of some prominent companies:

a)      Dressing inappropriately – However a person you may be confident or timid, but external appearance can be a profound impression of your personality. One must make sure to dress formally and appropriately for any interview.

b)       Inadequate research about the interviewer or the company – Something that puts off the interviewer too often.

c)      Failing to set you apart from the rest – A candidate need not be perfect but yet he/she can be good. Always try to play your strengths before your interviewer and be convincing.

d)     Lack of warmth or humor – Being too much tensed about your interview, sometimes lands you up in a soup. Some fail the basic etiquette of being warm and greeting and end up being too serious and monotonous.

e)      Failing to ask questions about the job – You need not be too anxious and overdo this. However wherever needed you can and should ask questions to your interviewer. Some of these questions can be, how the position can fit in the long term goal of the company, whom do they grade as an ideal candidate or what can you do to follow up etc.

f)     Asking too many questions or sounding over confident – bragging too much about yourself and showing off is not something the interviewers will be impressed with. In fact it will be easier for them to eliminate you! So be moderate and don’t overdo things. Too much or too little can be dangerous.

Here are some more common interview mistakes that most people tend to ignore:

g)    Coming late – This clearly indicates your poor time management skills. Whatever may be your reason, not coming on time can create a lasting impression about you such as lack of planning, lack of interest, respect or seriousness about the job even the interviewer.

h)    Bringing a drink or using your phone – This can be one of the worst mistakes a potential employee can make. Totally unprofessional and shows your lack of focus on the interview.

i)      Not bringing your resume – Even if you may have submitted this before, its always better to carry one extra in hand.  It can not only come handy in case they ask you to fill another application form but also shows your pre-planning nature.

j)     Talking too much and out of topic – This is another common mistake that many make. Nobody has too much time to listen to your life story and it can lead to lack of interest. So always answer to the point, succinctly, and smartly creating a fast impression. Talking to much gets you nowhere but displaying proper knowledge does.


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