Get a job in the US after graduation

Maximize your chances to get a job in the US after graduation

Get a job in the US after graduation

Do you know what you have to do after your graduation?

If you are a student, especially an international student, the thought “What are my prospects after I graduate?” or “Now that I have graduated, can I stay back and look for a good job here?” would have crossed your mind many a times.

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Future prospects for international students in US are getting more difficult off late. Since more number of students are seeking jobs in the US after their graduation, the competition is increasing, as a result of which getting permanent visa, work permit or becoming a Green card holder in US is much more difficult and complicated than before.

According to a survey nearly 80% of international students in the US want to continue to live in there even after completing their studies. 15% want to go for higher studies and only 5% want to go back to their home countries and very few to other countries to apply for jobs.

Here is how you can maximize your chances to get a job in the US after graduation.

Since the embassy is unable to control the inflow of students in the country and also because each year more number of students want to stay back, the H1-B visa( the international work visa, for students to work temporarily and live in US for 3 years) has become a lottery system.

Students need to plan their career and future properly after their studies; especially if they are international students, this needs to be planned well in advance as they cannot stay at will in a foreign country without a proper visa. The ultimate goal for any student is to be successful in their desired career. There are also other options to stay in the US after graduation.

Many students try to get a job where they get a chance for their internship. You can apply for Optical Practical Training (OPT) visa or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) visa. These 2 visas allow students to continue staying in US from 12 to 29 months to find jobs.

The other option would be, if the student directly applies for jobs in a particular company and if the company is willing for sponsor for his visa. However since this is an expensive and tedious option for companies as well, they would prefer to opt for native students over international students for the sheer paper work involved.

Some students straight apply for higher studies, thus taking some extra time for them to find a job.

Students generally want to work in the US, so it could be an added advantage for them, give them the relevant experience, increase their marketability and gain exposure. However for all of this a proper planning and focus is a must for students in order to be successful and land up in their dream jobs and dream country, wherever it may be.

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