International Students in US Colleges

What should an international student look for when selecting a US university or college?

International Students in US Colleges

Need help in selecting a US university?

There are many international students in US colleges and universities today; and many more aspire to join one.

This article provides some guidance on what an international student must look for while selecting a US university or college.

Going to a foreign land from away from home is not an easy task. Deciding to study abroad itself is an important decision, hence choosing the right university is all the more important. It is the one the most important factors that decides your future, career and life in general.

What should an International student look for when selecting a US University? What are the factors you must take into consideration?

Here are some guidelines for international students who are applying to US colleges and universities:

  1. Choose your program and degree – This is the first step for any student in order to apply in any University. You must know what you want to pursue and what area you want to specialize in. This helps in shortlisting on the number of Universities providing the specialization that you are interested in. Different majors have different requirements in the admission process too.
  2. Cost and fee structure – This is another important factor. Each one of us has an aim and would have decided a rough budget based on that. This is essential so that you can plan your finances properly. Choose the University that falls under your budget.
  3. Location – Some questions to ask are: Where is the University located? Is it far away from the city limits or within the city limits? How feasible is it to travel? Is it convenient? Is public transport available?
  4. Size – Although this may not be one of the prime factors to take the decision, however it can be one of the criteria. How big is the campus? What does the University have to offer other than studies? Their extra-curricular activities, other exposures such as inter college competitions etc. that can help you in many ways.
  5. Rating – Overall rating of the University and its credibility. Its accreditation and affiliation needs to be found out. The University’s rank in comparison to others and so on.
  6. College Culture – Being an international student, it will be good to find out the overall college culture. Finding out the number of international students in that college, finding out the openness of western culture, weather it is overwhelming or inspiring for you is something that you need to decide. You should be comfortable with other students that you are going to be studying with.
  7. Prestige – Prestige is something that should not be a selection tool. If your college does not offer a good course but is just a brand name, then it does not serve the purpose. At the same time, if your college gives you all the requirements of a good curriculum and is prestigious then it’s an added advantage.
  8. Compare – Lastly when you have done your thorough research. Shortlist the number of top Universities of your choice and compare them in terms of the above criteria and then take a judicious decision taking all factors into consideration. is not affiliated to any commercial organization that helps with college admissions. The article is solely to provide information.


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