Management Fundamentals

Do you wish to develop your skills in management fundamentals? The below article will help you know what needs to be done.

Management fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Management

Management is a multifaceted process involving activities like planning, organizing, staffing, deciding, and controlling. Planning is the process of setting up organizational objectives, defining policies to achieve them and allocating resources to accomplish the goals. The controlling function helps in planning and coordination and finds reasons for deviation of actual performance from plans and takes corrective measures to make certain organizational progress.

Staffing function involves manpower scheduling, employment, training and development, performance evaluation and compensation.

Organizing process involves bringing together the existing creative, material and financial assets to achieve the objectives set in planning phase. Organizing would need delegation and decentralization of power.

Directing function requires managers to train and guide the various resources to take efforts for optimal performance and change plans into action. These inter-related processes being complex will require managers to possess thinking, communication, presentation and political skills.

The skills which need to be possessed by managers of any level are technical competence, self awareness, interpersonal and social skills, managing emotion, political skills and thinking skills. However the basic management skills needed to perform the management functions of planning, controlling, organizing, staffing etc are Decision Making, Delegating, Planning, Problem Solving and Meeting Management.

Planning involves setting organizational goals and identifying methods and resources for completing various processes. There are different types of planning which is done in an organization like strategic planning, staffing planning, marketing and advertisement planning, project planning, leadership development planning, training and development planning etc. The basic skill set of planning, problem solving to analyze the options and decision making will be needed to select the best course of action during planning process.

Students can analyze further (like how it was done for planning function above) the basic skills required for other management functions of organizing, staffing, deciding, and controlling etc. This can be done easily through our assignment experts who use their industry experience in helping students with various topics.

To develop basic skills in business and learn the management fundamentals, students can frame steps for practicing the basic management skills such as problem solving and decision making, planning, delegating, communications and meeting management. The student can develop a course of action which would suit your ease after regarding the guidelines set and keep updating the procedure on the basis of test results of the set procedure in an organization, feedback of peers, communicate the procedure to the organization if appropriate. Management skills can be developed by a formal process of training or by customized plan as stated above or by different informal methods available.

The skills which need to be present or developed in a manager also includes managing own emotions, time management, maintaining work-life balance, career and personal development, empathy and enthusiasm etc. Students can keep these aspects in mind and develop them while still at studies. For any help in preparing assignments on theory and practical aspects of skills in management fundamentals, get in touch with our research paper writers at

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