Management Accounting

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Management Accounting

Is Accounts Killing You?

Management accounting system produces the information required by managers to manage resources and creates value. The process involves estimation of cost of goods and services to support tactical and operational decision making requirements of managers, information for operational planning and controlling and for measuring performance.

Management accounting or managerial accounting requires use of accounting information to managers within organizations and gives them basis to make informed business decisions to perform their management and control functions. The management reports prepared under management accounting contains financial and statistical information which help managers make their short term decisions.

Managerial accounting provides information for decision making and Continue reading

Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance

Are you Managing Your Finances Well?

Corporate finance deals with strategic financial decisions of a company such as how to do capital raising, investment decisions, dividend distribution, whether a merger with another company would be positive for the company etc. Corporate finance includes accounting, insurance, venture capital, and corporate development, commercial and investment banking and strategic planning. All corporate financial decisions are taken with the sole intent of maximize the shareholder’s wealth.

The funds acquired by the corporation from internal and external sources needs to allocated/invested in current assets and fixed assets. Corporate finance should balance Continue reading

Financial Decisions

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Financial Decisions

Are you money savvy?

Financial decisions are one of the major subjects of study in business and financial education. One of the most critical functions of Financial Management is in-fact making the right Financial Decisions at the right time.

Writing contemporary content on financial decisions is a mandate for essay writing as it fosters the financial reasoning of the student. Hence it is more of blending the doctrines of this management function to the ever-changing economies and business scenarios that create a Continue reading

Why the Job of a Teacher is Tough

Teaching is one of the most under-rated jobs today. Most people think it is one of the easiest jobs and does not require much ‘effort’ to be done. However, that is far from the truth. Read on to know why the job of a teacher is tough.

Why the Job of a Teacher is Tough

Are you making your teacher’s life tougher?

It feels really sorry that many people think that a teachers job is such!  Superficially people think that if you are a teacher then you are lucky as you don’t have to work full time, get time with your family, more holidays etc. But the reality is far from that.

Yes, there are many teachers and professors out there who may not be dedicated to their works, not teaching their curriculum properly the way it should be done etc. thus creating an image for the entire clan. However every profession have such people who spoil the name of their profession by not worshiping their work.

Teaching is a profession that molds today’s children into better youths and citizens that will run the future generations. A good value education will create future youths that will run the nation and the country into better tomorrow. How important do you think that is? It is one of the noblest jobs if done with complete dedication.

However there is much more to it than just all those philosophical reasons. A mere outstanding academic record is not enough to be a good teacher. There are Continue reading

Get Student Loans Easily in the US

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Get Student Loans Easily in the US

Choose the best loan. Don’t get trapped.

Most students pursuing higher studies in the US need student loans. Unless you are blessed with over-generous stinking rich parents, you will need to apply for a loan. Our post below will guide you and give you some information on easy ways to get a loan.

From FAFSA (Free application for federal student aid) to Pell grants to private loans, there are many ways to obtain a student loan and several organizations that can help you with this.

However due to a number of companies providing loan services, it is necessary for students to do a proper check for the right company that is both in terms of applying for a new loan as well as during the process of repayment. Some of the key points students must look for before applying for a new loan are: Continue reading

Controversial Ad Campaign of Coke

Have you seen the new controversial ad campaign of Coke? Do you like the concept or would you rather wish the advertising agency and the organization get imprisoned for grossly misleading people? Controversial ad campaigns are a good topic for research papers. Read on to find out more about Coke’s new controversial ad campaign.

Controversial Ad Campaign of Coke

Are you taking Aspartame through Diet Coke?

Many food and beverage companies come under surveillance many times for doing something unusual which is sometimes not acceptable as per the society norms or propagating incorrect information that may be detrimental to people’s health or otherwise.

This time it’s the Coca-Cola Company trying to propagate its most popular beverage Coke. For the first time in 2013 they launched an ad defending the safety of artificial sweetener ‘aspartame’. They took this step in order to boost the sales of declining sale of diet soda in the recent past.

Artificial sweeteners safety has always been subject to a topic of controversy as there have umpteen debates weather sweeteners really have the effect of reducing the weight or Continue reading

New Abortion Law in Texas

Are you familiar with the new Abortion Law in Texas? If you need help writing a research paper on this subject, read on.

New Abortion Law in Texas

Is the New Abortion Law A Right Move?

In the last week of October 2013, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that most of Texas’ tough new abortion restrictions can take effect immediately. The law known as House Bill 2   consists of four restrictions namely:

–          How, where and when a woman may obtain an abortion.

–          Doctors performing the same should have admitting privileges at the hospital within 30 mins of the clinic.

–          Abortion will be banned after 20 weeks unless the woman is in immediate danger or if they is any other fatal complication.

–           If a woman wants to take a pill to terminate her foetus,

Continue reading

Effect of Exercise on Brain Development

Do you know the effect of exercise on brain development and growth? Did you, in fact, know that exercise has a very crucial role to play, not just in keeping your body healthy and fit, it also helps the brain grow!

Effect of Exercise on Brain Development

Is partner workout better?

Exercise has been an age old remedy for all sorts of health problems. It has been argued over and over again on umpteen occasions by many doctors, nutritionists, health freaks, dietitians and many more that as much as good and healthy food is important for the body, so is exercise for the body, mind, soul and brain!

Just having healthy food is not the only factor in keeping oneself fit and healthy, but exercise too is extremely vital. They go hand in hand and one is incomplete without the other. Even 10-15 minutes of physical exercise Continue reading

Controversial Halloween Costumes

Have you ever put on controversial Halloween costumes? Have you caught your friends in controversial Halloween costumes that you wouldn’t dare to wear yourself?

Controversial Halloween Costumes

Is it Halloween or “Shallow”een?

Every year with the Halloween approaching, people all around start putting their thinking caps on to dress up smart and unique. Everyone wants to dress up to stand out and to be different from the others. However in the process, sometimes they end up coming in the limelight for the wrong reasons due to their bizarre, offensive or controversial dressing up.

Many celebrities have also landed themselves in hot water due to their controversial costumes.

Some of the year 2013’s controversial costumes are mentioned below for you to read and have a laugh, at their expense!

Controversial Halloween Costumes

Would You Wear This?

This year’s first controversy happened when Walmart came under the fire for introducing ‘Naughty Leopard’ Halloween costumes for little girls. They had to pull it off the shelves when they started receiving many complaints that they over sexualized small children. They were flaked again for having a ‘Turban beard adult’ Halloween costume where many of the Sikh community felt offended. Also, the costume with the turban and beard had resemblance to Osama Bin Laden and reminded of the ‘9/11’ attacks which is a very sensitive issue.

Two men in Florida experienced lots of backlash after dressing up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. These men are two most high profile court cases in which Martin was killed Continue reading


Are Smartwatches Really Smart?


Do you own one?

Technology today is growing at a fast pace and there is no looking back. Life is a lot easier now and we cannot even begin to contemplate life without these devices we are living with now.  Our next generation will be amazed that there was a ‘Stone Age’ where people did not have access to mobile phones!

However that is not all. Newer, better and more tech savvy gizmos are launched in the market all over the world every few days, taking us one step above. Right when we begin to think that we have the ‘latest, newest’ gadget, something new gets launched which has Continue reading