Common Interview Mistakes

What are the ten most common mistakes made by students in their interviews?

common interview mistakes

Are You Making These Lethal Mistakes?

Preparing for an interview has always been daunting for most of us. Too much trepidation, fear and don’t know what to expect. As much as resumes are important while applying for a job, nothing can really beat judging a person face-to-face.

That is what creates a lasting impression, good or bad. There are many factors to that, however almost a whopping 65% of an impression can be created during the first meet! Hence it is mist vital to be prepared for that D-day to get your dream job, something that most of us aspire for at someday in our lives.

Yet most of us miss some of those vital points to prepare for an interview. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during interviews according to a survey conducted on the employers of some prominent companies: Continue reading