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Book reports are one of the most common and interesting assignments and usually the most popular high school assignments. The content of each book report varies according to the level.

If you’re in high school, your book report will be strikingly different than a book report you will need to write in college or at graduate or post graduate levels. Books are a great way to learn about the time and society they’re written in. This increases the critical thinking skills of the students and prompts them to analyze the behavioral patterns of different characters, which makes it easier to generate a personality sketch of different people around them.

The format is the same; however, the content differs for book reports depending on the levels – the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

The Introduction should have the name of the book and the author. Like a good feature in a magazine, the first sentence must be catchy, which prompts the reader to go ahead and read the entire report. Give an overview of the way the author felt when he first began the book.

The first paragraph of the body should begin with an explanation of how the protagonist feels and a background the book has been set in. The theme of the book, the description and sketches of a few important characters along with the language and tone of the book and whether it belongs to a series or not.

The conclusion must have your viewpoints. This is where your analytical skills come into picture. Was the book a good read? How was the language? Did the book become slow somewhere or tends to lose steam? What was the thing that stayed with you after you finished reading the last page? Would you like others to read the book? Has the book had an impact on the target readers? Did it have an impact on you?

Consider similar questions and draft the conclusion. Most importantly write at least two drafts and proofread well. Hard work pays in the form of better grades so write at least two drafts.

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