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A book report also called book review is an important exercise at graduate and undergraduate levels to promote analytical and critical thinking in the students. Depending on the genre of the book, the book report will be different.

For fiction and nonfiction, different guidelines apply to go about the book report. However, to generalize things, the book report must convey your understanding on the book to the readers.

Since it is a report, it is important to follow the inverted pyramid writing style. Most important thing first, followed by the details of lesser importance - Broader at the top, and narrow at the base.

The introduction must begin with a catchy line followed by the name of the author and the reason he attempted the book. A brief overview of the central idea can be given here.

The Body must include discussion on the type of language and the ideas conveyed by the author whether the transition was smooth or abrupt and interesting or you had to compel yourself to read it. Examine these aspects of the book. If it is fiction discuss important characters and what quality had an impact on you or the outcome of the book. Discuss important scenes.

If it is nonfiction, consider the tone whether bias or fair. Shed light on important information and evaluate with your viewpoints.

Finally, conclude considering how interesting the book was and what kind of impact it has had on you. Also, attempt to understand what effect would it have on its target readers. End with a quote from the book. Make it simple, to the point and yet interesting.