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Do you need help with introduction of your research paper?

Let our researchers help you with a perfect introduction and set the stage for a great paper

It is very important to draft a good introduction for your research paper since a good introduction prompts the reader to read further into your research.

The introduction must contain the thesis statement, which is the perspective you have considered for researching the topic chosen. It is a strong statement that has plenty of evidence to support it.

When you approach us for help with your paper, we keep the style of writing the research paper ‘Inverted Pyramid’, in other words, the Journalistic writing style. We begin with the most important thing first, narrowing it down to the details of lesser importance towards the end.

The introduction tells the reader why the topic was chosen and how our research is justifying our hypothesis/thesis statement as an important contribution to the field.

It is the overview of the research paper beginning with the topic of study first discussed in a broader sense and then narrowed down to your hypothesis. The flow of ideas should be relevant and smooth, which will come with practice and proofreading the text several times. Your target reader should be someone who is in your field and knows enough about your field. It is not aimed at the average reader.